“It’s Too Dangerous Out Here”

According to Manchester Police, a 67-year-old man was forced to shoot a pitbull after it attacked him and his small dog.

Police say Carlos Ryan was walking his dog near his home in Manchester NH at around 1:00 p.m. when he saw a dog he described as “large” and “aggressive” running out of a home on Bowman St.

While the target of the attack seemed to be Ryan’s small dog, Ryan was bitten on his right arm and drug to the ground by the big pit as he attempted to protect his pet.

According to the statement released by officers,

“The pitbull let go of the [victim’s] arm and as he was trying to gather himself and got back on his feet to walk away, the pitbull came running back at him full speed. The victim stated he was carrying a handgun on him and that he shot the pitbull out of fear of being attacked again.”

In an interview with NBC10 Boston, he said that he never leaves home without his gun for just such a situation.

“It’s too dangerous out there,” he said.

Ryan was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and the pitbull, which Ryan said he didn’t even realize his neighbors owned, was transported to the veterinary hospital for a single gunshot wound.

It’s possible the pitbull renewed it’s attack when Ryan turned his back to walk away from the dog. Like wild animals, this may have encouraged the aggressive dog to attack once again.

When confronted with a situation like this it is better to face the animal with a drawn gun and back away slowly. Making yourself seem as large and intimidating as possible to discourage another attack.

This way if the animal does attack you will see it coming and will be able to react.

What do you think of this self-defense shooting? Have you thought of needing your pistol to protect yourself from aggressive animals? Even if you live in the city there is a possibility. Read here for a story of a man who had to draw his CCW pistol to shoot a monkey.

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